Friday, March 27, 2009

Anna's Dreams Original VCD

Condition: Only watched twice

CD's available:Anna's Dream

Original Price: RM 16.90/ per CD

Selling Price: RM10/ per CD


Cast: Connie Sellecca, Richard Thomas, Kindsey Felton

Anna (Linsey Felton) was a beautiful teenager with a bright future until she met with a tragic accident. Now, her whole world is different. Her boyfriend ignores her, her friends have disappeared and her parents treat her like a helpless child. Lost and confused, Anna befriended a strager whose own life changed overnight. He tells Anna he can't give her back her old life, but he can offer a very special gift: Hope. Anna's Dream is the heartwarming story of a young woman's journey from despair to self acceptance that celebrates the power of the human spirit. <3

Watch it, it's worth it!

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