Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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Picture Quality Upgrade?

Dear Girls,

I've just gotten myself a new camera as previously I only used my phone camera. So I will try to update some of my older items with better quality picture. However, it will be a long process as we speak. So if you want a better picture, please do not hesitate to mail me. =)

Flowy Top

Size: M-L size
Colour: Charcoal Grey
Condition: Preloved from another blogshop, worn about 3 times personally.
Price: RM7

"Nice to pair up with shorts for a mini dress feel or dress it up with leggings with a waist cinching belt."

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tiger Fever

Cute animal photo holder. All hail the year of the Tiger!
Price: RM5

Get this baby for FREE when you purchase over RM20 in a single check out. Do not miss this!!!

Knee-Length Shorts

Size: M (26-30inches)
Colour: White
Material: Stretchy Cotton
Condition: Preloved but good condition
Price: RM 5

"Decent, lazy and just nice for lazy day"


Halter Chili Padi

Size: M-L
Colour: Chili Red
Material: Cotton
Condition: Preloved
Price: RM5

"Dare to be on fire with this halter neck?"

Flowy Purplelia

Size: S-M
Colour: Purple
Condition: Bought from another blogshop but haven't worn personally.
Material: Jersey
Price: RM 10

"Pair it up with jeans for a girl's night out and you're sure to stand out from the crowd. Perfect for clubbing kaki's!"

Attitide Tee

Size: S-M
Colour: Light Grey
Material: Cotton
Condition: Practically like brand new because I've only worn it once
Price: RM 6

"Walk around with this shirt on a lazy day, you're sure to make a statement without even trying too hard ;)"

Red Cardi

Size: S-L
Colour: Maroon-ish Red
Condition: Preloved but still good
Material: Woolen
Price: RM10

"Snugg into this during the cold days, it has never failed to keep me warm. With a hood at the back, it just adds a touch of H.I.P"